Brick Fundraiser

Help build the path to our outdoor projection booth! Click here to buy a brick!

Fundraiser extended through the end of August! Prices go up $50 on August 1st, so get yours before then!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Yep… The Lyric needs money again.

Okay, I know what everyone is thinking: “You raised $150,000 from Kickstarter five years ago! Why should anyone give you anything else?” Let me explain. It was actually $170,000…. but that doesn’t help my point. Let me back up…

When we started The Lyric in 2007, we really didn’t have enough money to open a theater. The rule of thumb is to plan on spending about a million dollars per screen. We spent $250,000… total, including startup cost, which was pretty obvious if you looked around. Nonetheless, we persevered. When the Kickstarter happened, $150,000 was a lot of money (oh 2012, how I miss you!) and not a sum we could come up with after only five years in operation. After the conversion to digital was successful, The Lyric experienced a Golden Age. We literally* filled the place every day and everyone was only ever happy**. But our lease was up in 2017 so we had to either renew the lease/purchase a building we were completely outgrowing or move. My employees call me The Decider*** so they looked to me to decide what to do. As we all know, only billionaires qualify to purchase Downtown real estate, and I knew the Bridge Troll that was my landlord would jack my rent up to $10,000/month if I renewed (if he’d LET me renew {which, okay, he did for three months [and he jacked up to $10,200!]}). So I could either attempt a move or lose our house. Well, call me crazy, but I’ve been anticipating this since 2007, so after exhausting every real estate option north of Prospect, and a full million dollar hike in prices, I came upon 1209 N College in 2014 and thus, The Decider decided to decide to move there.

I don’t know if any of you have ventured to build a commercial building in Fort Collins, but I’d imagine cutting out your own appendix might be easier. And less painful. You know that “million dollar/screen” rule? Well, that’s about what I’m spending, and I’m still doing it on a tight budget. Something I’ve accepted as my perpetual fate. If you’d really like to sit down with me and discuss why everything is so expensive, I can really dig in there, but I’ll leave it to everyone’s imagination here. Regardless, I bucked-up like a good capitalist and developed an investment strategy based on the business and real estate and raised $3.6 million dollars like a Big Boy, with various agreements and deals. To me, that’s an impressive sum of money, but in today’s business/real estate market, that’s a “cute little project” (and, believe it or not, just barely gets the building built). So, yes, I still need more money to get this thing open. Yes, I would like to not have to ask for this. Yes, I wish I just had this money. And no, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. But we do have a plan.

I know everyone has heard about the Outdoor Bike-In Cinema (and if you haven’t… well, now you do). What you might not have heard is that, in the landscape design lies a vintage fire truck in the middle of the sloped green. And the cab of that firetruck will hold the outdoor projector. And leading up to that fire truck will be BRICKS. Bricks with your name, your brother’s name, your sister’s name, your mom or dad’s name, your grandchild’s or your parakeet’s name. That’s right, you can buy a brick on the path to the projector (or, some would say… enlightenment?)! And you can participate in creating a memorial in this unique space forever.**** $250 gets you a brick, but $350 will get you a BIGGER brick AND two tickets to our pre-opening party. (But these prices go up $50 on August 1st!) The fundraiser starts July first, and it all ends August 31st. And I swear, I will never ask for money again. No more “Save The Lyric” bullshit. This either works or it doesn’t.

*literally meaning figuratively; as per Oxford Dictionary.

**Unsourced source

***Literally* no one ever calls me that

****about 10 years

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