Bulk Ticket Deal

Our bulk ticket sale for Spring of 2019 has wrapped up! Keep your eye on our weekly newsletter for your next chance to score a great deal like this one!

We're bringing back our bulk ticket deal for a limited time! From now through the end of March, you can purchase 20 movie tickets for just $101! That's right, that comes to just five dollars and five cents a ticket, a savings of $4.45 per ticket! Tickets will come in the form of four punch cards good for five movies each. Once you get your card, you just need to take it to the cashier when you come in for your movie. We'll X the card for each ticket you use until they're all gone. These cards make great gifts for friends or perks for employees!

Tickets will only be on sale through the end of March, and you will receive your tickets in the mail by the end of April. They are good for all standard movie screenings, which pretty much means you can use them on any movie that isn't a special event or on our outdoor screen. You can even use these for titles marked "no comps" on our website! Tickets will expire May 1st, 2020, so you've got a full year to put them to good use.

Get your tickets today by clicking the "Buy Now" button to be directed to our paypal. You don't need your own paypal account though, as all major credit cards are accepted! To pay with a credit card, when you're asked to log into paypal, just select "Pay with Credit or Debit." There is no limit, so feel free to buy a few sets of 20 if you want!

Also of note, to keep us organized, all sales must be made through our paypal account. This deal is not available at the box office.