We appreciate your generosity during our closure! Purchasing a membership will provide support for our theater during this uncertain time. All Memberships will be extended the number of months that The Lyric is closed while the Membership is active. If you are purchasing a new membership, the membership will take effect the date we open back up.  
In addition to supporting a local business during the COVID-19 pandemic, a membership will also grant you access to three free months of the movie streaming site MUBI! 

The Lyric Membership

Love movies? Join our new membership program! In addition to our existing Free Loyalty Membership, we've added two new paid levels, each with their own perks including free and discounted tickets, sweet concession deals, and exclusive member content. And the best part, becoming a member means becoming a part of an active and growing group of folks who value creativity and community, just like you. Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage the best The Lyric has to offer. Join today!

Already a loyalty member and want to upgrade? Use This Link!

Membership Options

All paid members get:
- $1 Off Any Size Popcorn
- $1 Off Beer, Wine, and Soda
- Member Tuesdays (Get into any Tuesday showing for free; bring a guest for 6 bucks!)
- Loyalty point collection
- Monthly Newsletter
- Member ID Card
- Special Member Screenings
- Discounts on Select Event Screenings


The By Yourself  ($100) 
(Student/Senior $80**)

This is our "basic" package (even though it's anything but)! This solo show has it all! In addition to the benefits above, The By Yourself includes:

- $6 Tickets*

- 10 Free Admissions*

The Twofer ($190) 
(Student/Senior $160**) 

Grab a partner, swing ‘em round! Twice the perks to go around! In addition to the benefits above, The Twofer includes:

- $6 Tickets*

- 20 Free Admissions*

The Tippity Top ($300) 
(Student/Senior $250**)

The Tippity Top is for the cream of the crop! If you find yourself walking through The Lyric’s front doors more than your own, then this level is for you. In addition to the benefits above, The Tippity Top includes:

- One Free Admission to ALL standard screenings

- Free Yearly Appreciation Gift

The Tippity Twofer ($575) (Student/Senior $500**)

Double your pleasure, double your fun! The Tippity Twofer is second to none! In addition to the benefits above, The Tippity Twofer includes:

- Two Free Admissions to ALL standard screenings

- Free Yearly Appreciation Gift
*Standard Screenings only
**Discounted memberships only available at Lyric box office

Membership FAQ

What do all of these things mean?
Loyalty Point Collection: $1 spent = 1 point. These can be redeemed for rewards like tickets, concessions, and merchandise. Purchase of a membership does not count towards your loyalty points.
Monthly Newsletter: Keep up with all the hip happenings at the Lyric each month with this virtual newsletter sent out monthly via email.
Member ID Card: This is a physical card you can swipe at the counter before making any purchases. These cards are valid for just one Lyric member, and cannot be used by anyone besides the person whose name is associated with it.
Monthly Member Screenings: These screenings will be free to members each month, with $6 guest tickets available.
Yearly Appreciation Gift: This will be a piece of merchandise featuring an exclusive member design which will be released yearly to all members.

How do I become a member?
You can purchase a membership anytime online at, or in person at The Lyric.
How do I access my free tickets and perks?
Simply swipe your card first thing when you get to the register!

What's a Member Tuesday?
Members get into standard screenings for free all day every Tuesday. PLUS, if you bring in a guest, they get a $6 Member ticket! (Limit one guest ticket per screening).

I used to be a member of Space Corps. What's going on with that?
Based on customer feedback, we've decided to phase out of the Space Corps branding. However, this doesn't mean that your hard-earned points are going anywhere! You'll simply be a Free Loyalty Member, with the option to upgrade to a paid membership at any time.

So both my significant other and I have to purchase a membership?
We have options available for both individuals and couples. You and your partner will get more bang for your buck with a couples membership!

I signed up for a paid level online. How will I get my Member Card?
We know where you live! We'll send it to you in the mail.

What if I don't have my Member Card with me?
Don't panic! We can replace your card for a $5 fee. In the meantime, we can look up your account by your last name.

What is a "standard screening?"
Any film screening that isn't one-night-only or a special event or otherwise denoted as an event, outdoor, or other special type of screening on our website.

How come I don’t get a discount to this special event?
We don’t totally control the costs for all of our event, so we’re not able to offer member discounts on all of them.

How can I check how many free tickets I have left or how many points I've collected?
You're welcome to ask a staff member to check for you next time you stop in, or Login here.

What about my personal information? Is it safe with you guys?
Yes! We promise never to sell or distribute your personal information to any outside companies.

What's with all the silly names?
We're just trying to bring some childlike joy back into this cold, cold world!

My question isn't answered here :(
We are happy to address any questions or concerns you might have! Shoot us an email at

How come I don’t get a discount to this special event?
We don’t totally control the costs for all of our event, so we’re not able to offer member discounts on all of them.

Anything else I should know?
Yes, here are some terms and conditions:

- If we find out someone is abusing their membership, we reserve the right to revoke their membership status at any time.
- We reserve the right to alter or discontinue this program at any time.
- By signing up for The Lyric Membership, you consent to having your email address added to our mailing list.