Space Corps Terms and FAQs

Have questions about Space Camp? We've got answers!

Q: How much does Space Camp cost?
A: Zero dollars and zero cents.

Q: How do I earn points?
A: For every dollar you spend at The Lyric on tickets, concession and food items, drinks from the bar, and merchandise, you earn one point.

Q: What about Gift Cards?
A: You don't get points for buying a gift card, but you get points for cashing one in.

Q: Is there anything I don't get points for?
A: Some things you don't get points for are theatre rentals, catering orders, internet service charges, and other things of that nature.

Q: Can anyone redeem their points for a beer or wine?
A: Not if you're not 21 you cheeky monkey!

Q: So both my significant other and myself need to enlist?
A: Naaa. One enlistment per household would probably work just fine. You can share the points and share the awards!

Q: Do I need a membership card or anything?
A: Nope! We can look you up at the cinema by your phone number or last name. It makes things pretty easy.

Q: Oh, how about those Missions? How do those work again?
A: Missions are held about once a month. They're a free screening that can only be attended by active Space Cadets. The movies won't necessarily be space themed, but that would fit the program's theme, wouldn't it?

Q: How do you know I'm an active Cadet?
A: Save your stubs! It's our new rallying cry. To gain admittance to a Mission, you need to be enrolled in Space Camp (obviously), and you need to present a ticket stub from a movie you've seen in the last month. If you have one account for a household, each person attending will need to bring a stub!

Q: I used to be a "Club Lyric" member. What happened to that?
A: We've discontinued the Club Lyric membership program in favor of Space Camp. If your Club Lyric membership has not yet expired, you can continue to use it until it does expire. At that point, you'll have to switch to Space Camp. To switch your expired Club Lyric membership to Space Camp, use this link!

Q: What about those punch cards? Do you still have those?
A: We've discontinued the punch cards in favor of Space Camp. If you bring in a punch card that is not filled, we will take down your name and number and add points to your Space Camp account by the beginning of the next day. We'll give you nine points per punch.

Q: Have you ever thought doing a double point day or something like that?
A: We have!

Q: What about my personal information? Is it safe with you guys?
A: Yes! We promise never to sell or distribute your personal information to any outside companies.

Q: I have a question that isn't answered on here.
A: Well, that's not really a question....but if you do have another question you can shoot us an email at

Q: Anything else I need to know?
A: Yeah. Here is are some terms and conditions:

1) We reserve the right to change and/or discontinue the Space Camp program at any time. This may include different awards or even changing the points needed to earn an award. We might even change the terms of use or the answers to these FAQs!
2) If we find someone somehow gaming the system, we reserve the right to revoke their Space Camp enlistment and to throw them out the airlock.
3) By signing up for Space Camp, you consent to having your email address added to our mailing list.