Weekend 'Toons

Join us every Saturday and Sunday from 9am until about noon* for your favorite classic animated adventures! What kind of cartoons will you see? Maybe it's some old-school Looney Tunes! How about The Tick or Johnny Bravo!? We try to program the best stuff our 8 year-old selves would want to see. Admission is $2!

We also offer a $6 all-you-can-eat cereal bar that you can enjoy during the 'toons and we've got a full brunch menu from our kitchen so you can chow down on that if cereal isn't your thing. Oh, and for you adults, how about a Mimosa or Bloody Mary? We've got those too!

How does it work? Just come on in, mosey up to the counter to check. We'll ask you if you want anything to eat or drink, and then direct you into the right auditorium. It's that easy!

*We may need to wrap 'toons up 10-15 minutes early from time to time to accomodate or film schedule.