Weekend Warrior Film Festival

The Weekend Warriors Film Festival is designed for local and/or emerging Filmmakers to produce their films in over a weekend. The WWFF brings some of the best filmmakers from our area to the center stage giving them a chance to present their unique talents. Coming off the most successful and most well-attended event yet, this is the third round collaborating with The Lyric, and the first time in their new location. For the previous two rounds, the festival pushed The Old Lyric to capacity.

The premise of the festival is simple: each team will need to use the prompts given to them to make their film in under two days! After the films are finished, Weekend Warriors can expect to see, along with their own work, many other original works from the other Emerging Filmmakers from the Front Range. All films range from 3-7 minutes allowing for more of them to be seen in one sitting! The films will be shown in the unique and NEW Lyric opening up just weeks before we launch the festival on October 20th. Then on November 4th we will show all the films in our brand new theater! It’s easy to get involved in the Weekend Warriors Film Festival, either as a performer or as an attendee.

WWFF Schedule of Events

The Launch Party October 20 | 6:00pm All of the teams meet at The New Lyric where the three prompts are revealed. The three prompts; a prop, a line of dialogue, and a character, must all be used in each film. Every round these prompts are something different, so be ready for anything! Once everyone has their prompts, the film making can begin! Each team has only 48 hours to complete their film and return it to The Lyric or to a special submissions email address.

After Film Completion October 23 through November 3 Every team that competes and turns in their film on time will be eligible for competition in the festival. For these weeks between the film making and the films screening, a panel of professionals in the industry will judge each film on a number of different criteria. If a film is completed, just not by the deadline, we'll still play it as part of the film screenings, but it won't be eligible for the prizes and awards.

The Screening of the Films November 18 | 8:30pm | $7 All of the finished films get screened at The Lyric on the BIG SCREEN! It's a big party where filmmakers can see their own work in the way movies are meant to be seen, many for the first time.

Awards and Prizes Ceremony November 18 | After the Films Screen After a brief intermission to get more drinks and use the bathroom, we'll reconvene in the auditorium to announce awards as determined by our panel of judges.

WWFF After-Party November 18 | After the Awards and Prizes Ceremony Stick around in The Lyric's new bar and restaurant to mix and mingle with other filmmakers. Socialize, have a beer, and make new friends. Maybe even start putting together your team for Weekend Warriors Film Festival: Round 4!

Get your tickets to the film screening, awards ceremony, and After-Party right here! Maybe you'd rather just help out to put the festival together? Visit this link to volunteer. Got any questions? Shoot us a line at wwff@lyriccinema.com!